Change in pysim[master]: pySim-shell: automatic ADM pin from CSV-File

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Change subject: pySim-shell: automatic ADM pin from CSV-File

pySim-shell: automatic ADM pin from CSV-File

It can be hard to manage ADM pins when working with different cards at
the same time. To make this easier, add an automatic way to determine
the ADM pin for each card from a CSV file.

- add a CardData clas model that can be extended to to get the data from
  various different sources. For now use CSV-Files. Also add a way how
  multiple CardData classes can be registered so that one global get
  function can query all registered CardData classes at once.

- automatically check for CSV-File in home directory and use it as
  default CardData source unless the user specifies a CSV file via
  commandline argument.

- extend the verify_adm command so that it automatically queries the
  ADM pin if no argument is given. Also do not try to authenticate if
  no ADM pin could be determined.

Change-Id: I51835ccb16bcbce35e7f3765e8927a4451509e77
Related: OS#4963
A pySim/
2 files changed, 146 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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