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Change subject: common/chapters: extend gb/ns2 chapters

Patch Set 3:

File common/chapters/gb-ns2-configuration.adoc: 
PS3, Line 18: hdlcnet1
Change all hdlcnetx device names to hdlcx which is the default device name (even if you operate your card in frnet).

hdlcx/hdlcnetx is only created for the virtual loopback device pairs 
PS3, Line 29: sidea1
s/sidex/sitex/ ?
Not sure if you actually meant side, site makes more sense to me, maybe even bss<x><n>? 
PS3, Line 70: In difference the dynamic configuration allows the SGSN to have only a reduced configuration.
In contrast? 
PS3, Line 141: <2> bind to
PS3, Line 142: <3> NSE 1001 with 2 NSVC
"add NSE 1001..." 
PS3, Line 145:  BSS
as BSS 
PS3, Line 147:  do
remove do 
PS3, Line 168: <2> bind to
File common/chapters/gb-ns2.adoc: 
PS2, Line 54: The Osmocom NS/FR support currently requires the individual Frame Relay
> s/support/implementation/ ?
File common/chapters/gb-ns2.adoc: 
PS3, Line 42: a
PS3, Line 42: a
PS3, Line 79: NOTE: GRE/IP has been removed from Osmocom NS code.
Do we want to be so blunt or rather mention that GRE has not been reimplemented so far? 
PS3, Line 105: This is the only official, 3GPP-standardized way of speaking a Gb
"...speaking a Gb interface" sounds strange
"speaking Gb over IP-based transports"? 
PS3, Line 113: ===== Gb over IP 3GPP auto-configuration
Should this heading be here? The differences mentioned below apply to static as well as dynamic configuration, don't they? 
PS3, Line 115: allow
PS3, Line 121: IP based Gb
"IP-based Gb protocol" (in ns2 we call it dialect, so maybe that?) 
PS3, Line 143: a
PS3, Line 171: persistant
s/persistant/persistent/, also twice below

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