Change in pysim[master]: pySim-shell: add ADF.ISIM / ADF.USIM dynamically

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Change subject: pySim-shell: add ADF.ISIM / ADF.USIM dynamically

Patch Set 1:

PS1, Line 259: 	#
the fixme probably still applies to DF_TELECOM and DF_GSM, where it's currently unclear how to do that better. 
PS1, Line 266: 			if "a0000000871002" in a:
I would move this entire new block into a function / method, rather than only having it in 'main'.  This way it can be used in the future from possibly other parts of the code.

Also, please avoid hard-coding some specific AIDs here.  The CardApplication classes should themselves "know" their AID and register somewhere with common infrastructure (either by explicit code or by some kind of syntactic sugar).

This loop then should iterate over the AIDs in the EF_DIR and try to find an application registered for the AID.

This way we can always easily add support for new applications by simply creating another [instance of] a derived class of CardApplication, and not have to change some kind of hard-coded duplicated aid list in this iterator function.

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