Change in pysim[master]: filesystem: case insensitive select.

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Change subject: filesystem: case insensitive select.

Patch Set 2:

> Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1
> I'm not entirely sure if we want that, at least not for file names.  Pepople using unix-like operating systems are used to file names being case sensitive anyway.
> For hexadecimal FIDs, I agree with you, they should ideally be selectable both by upper case and lower case.  
> However, I don't like the idea of doubling the number of entries in the auto-completion array.  This will just make the list of choices when entering <tab> extremely long with no benefit to the user.
> We will need to implement this in a way without changing the autocompletion array/dict.  Maybe simply have tab-completion only for the lower case version, but when the user manually entres an upper-case hex string convert that to lowercase before doing the dict lookup?

This implementation does not touch the auto-completion array (yet). However when using this it turned out to be a bit clumsy anyway since the lowercase versions of the file names are still missing from the auto completion I ended up using the uppercase names anyway, so its probably not needed anyway.

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