Change in libosmocore[master]: TODO-RELEASE: Request increasing _LAST_OSMOVTY_NODE next release

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Change subject: TODO-RELEASE: Request increasing _LAST_OSMOVTY_NODE next release

Patch Set 1:

> Patch Set 1:
> I only see the comment in TODO-RELEASE? I would have expected also the change itself.
> It's enough work to do the release itself, so let's no delay extra jobs until that time. The TODO-RELEASE file is useful to know which stuff already done triggers some required change during release time.

The point is: This should always be done just ahead of a release, every time we increment the SO version, there should be some new reserved logging groups in the header file.  While we then maintain the SO version, we replace reserved groups with newly-introduced groups without breaking ABI.

I can do it now but that would mean an ABI breakage right now, just after we tagged the release, and it will likely be broken again and again during further development.

I've added the comment so we don't forget doing this when actually incrementing SOversion.

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