Change in osmo-bts[master]: allow to configure multiple oml remote-ip addresses

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Change subject: allow to configure multiple oml remote-ip addresses

Patch Set 6:

File src/common/abis.c: 
PS5, Line 144: 		/* In some implementations the user may specify a BSC host via commandline switch. If this is the case
> This is related to osmo-bts-omldummy, this implementation has a commandline switch to specify the BS […]
Yes please, better do that. Create an entry for the llist in osmo-bts-omldummy specific code. 
File src/common/abis.c: 
PS6, Line 130: 		osmo_fsm_inst_state_chg(fi, ABIS_LINK_ST_FAILED, 0, 0);
maybe "ABIS_LINK_ST_CONN_DROPPED" would be more meaningful, since it's actually what happens when you are in that state. "FAILED" seems a bit too generic. 
PS6, Line 147: 	if (!llist_contains(&bts->bsc_oml_hosts, priv->bsc_oml_host))
you are potentially accessing already freed memory here, since priv->bsc_oml_host is a pointer pointing to memory which may have been free by VTY. What you need to do is, in the VTY code, when removing the entry, change "priv->bsc_oml_host" to the next item in the list.

The best may be actually sending an event to the FSM before freeing the memory: "dispatch(EV_OML_HOST_REMOVED, bsc_oml_host);" and update the llist internally in the FSM.

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