Change in osmo-gsm-tester[master]: util: adds the feature to force the rpath when patching files.

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Change subject: util: adds the feature to force the rpath when patching files.

Patch Set 1:

Hi, answering to your questions:

* I agree adding new param to change_elf_rpath sounds better than adding a new function

* I think it makes sense having different jenkins-build-*.sh script to build on different platforms. We do that for instance when building software we run in a sysmobts or OC2G BTS (armv5(?) each with its own yocto SDK and hence library versions), see jenkins-build-osmo-bts-* and jenkins-build-osmo-pcu-*.sh. The idea is to reuse as much as possible the bits from the new file, ex You could add for instance a new global envvar PATCHELF_EXTRA_ARGS in and then set it in PATCHELF_EXTRA_ARGS="--force-rpath".

* Regarding LD_LIBRARY_PATH failing, it would be great to know why. Generally the way to find out is to ssh into the target host, then run the process manually: LD_LIBRARY_PATH="..." ./srsenb and see what it errors about. Also using ldd quickly tells you which is the library not being found: LD_LIBRARY_PATH="..." ldd ./srsenb. IIRC there's also some envvar you can set to tell the dynamic loader to enter debug mode and print lots of info.

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