Change in libosmocore[master]: gsm_08_58.h: add Osmocom specific Bm/Lm CBITs for VAMOS

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Change subject: gsm_08_58.h: add Osmocom specific Bm/Lm CBITs for VAMOS

Patch Set 1:

Hi Harald,

> When Vadim mentioned it during the last weekly review call, I was quite surprised this was merged quickly, without a more comprehensive discussion around it.

I should have marked this patch as WIP.

> Have you done a careful review that those bit combinations really are not used anywhere else yet?
> Are we seure they don't clash e.g. with how Ericsson uses the Cbits?

I would love to, but is this information publicly available anywhere?
If there is a clash, we can still add more #defines with the same values.

> So on the BSC side there must not be any common code that makes assumptions that those osmocom-specific cbits are unversally applicable over all BTS types.

Indeed, the idea is to use these C-bits iff we're talking to osmo-bts *and* it reports BTS_FEAT_VAMOS as supported. I know that ABIS_RSL_CHAN_NR_CBITS_OSMO_PDCH is also used by Ericsson, but we also have ABIS_RSL_CHAN_NR_CBITS_OSMO_{CBCH4,CBCH8}, and both look quite Osmocom-specific.

> Furthermore, even if the above is all fine, at the same time of merging this patch I would have expected a comprehensive related update to our Abis manual where all osmocom extensions to RSL and OML are documented (

Please see:

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