Change in osmo-bsc[master]: implement Channel Mode Modify to VAMOS mode

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Change subject: implement Channel Mode Modify to VAMOS mode

Patch Set 12: Code-Review-1

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I really do think cosnistency in the VTY is important and I often blame myself for not having caught something at code review which is now quite inconsistenc in the VTY.  Let's make sure we get this right before submission. 
File src/osmo-bsc/bsc_vty.c: 
PS10, Line 2174: modify lchan
> multiple words: then what about "handover1 power budget interval <1-99>"? ;) […]
The "handover1 power budget interval <1-99>" and the like are annoying early mistakes from a long time ago when at least I did not yet understand fully the nature of VTY (or its father-in-kind of Cisco command line interfaces).  These days, whenever I see something like that, I find it almost embarrassing that we let this past code review in the first place.

I also find the ovrall lack of consistency a serious problem.  It's not about everyone putting their own style in somewhere.  The user expects consistency.

The more I thik about this, the more it should be 

"bts <0-255> trx <0-255> timeslot <0-7> sub-slot <0-7> vamos modify-lchan" or the like.  The object is specified first and then the action. This way you first specify the TRX/TS/sub-slot/... in a unique way (you iterate the tree of the data structure) and then you get a choice of actions you can do with that specific object.

I don't really care whether the trx / timeslot verbs are explicitly spelled or not.  However, as that is what we have in place for now, new commands should follow it.  And in the worst case we could always add a second 

"lchan <0-255> <0-255> <0-7> <0-1>" entry path which then accepts the same action commands below it.

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