Change in osmo-mgw[master]: mgcp_protocol: refactor function create_response_with_sdp

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Change subject: mgcp_protocol: refactor function create_response_with_sdp

Patch Set 1:

Commit Message: 
PS1, Line 7: mgcp_protocol: rafctor function create_response_with_sdp
> refactor?
PS1, Line 9: The function create_response_calls add_params, which is rather short.
> I think you got the underscores incorrectly.
File src/libosmo-mgcp/mgcp_protocol.c: 
PS1, Line 1083: 	bool add_epname = rq->wildcarded && endp->trunk->trunk_type == MGCP_TRUNK_VIRTUAL;
> IIUC if wildcarded then endp should be null? so simply check for null endp in create_response_with_s […]
This is not the case for CRCX. endp can never be NULL here but we can access the trunk pointer directly. This would be better anyway. 
PS1, Line 1332: 	return create_response_with_sdp(endp, conn, "MDCX", pdata->trans, false, false);
> why not adding the conn here?
I think this is because the conn id is already known. A MDCX always addresses a specific connection, so it is not necessary to have the conn id in the response as well. I don't know if the spec explicitly forbids this, but it would be odd.

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