Change in osmo-mgw[master]: libosmo-mgcp-client: extend the mgcp_client for MGW pooling

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Change subject: libosmo-mgcp-client: extend the mgcp_client for MGW pooling

Patch Set 6:


Thanks for the review.

In order to get VTY tests I think we would need an application first. This could be a dummy application maybe or we could add some checks to osmo-bsc where the client is used. However the VTY for the MGCP Client is not very complex. At least for this patch I think I did not damage anything.

Also in the osmo-mgw we do not have any example configs for the client. In osmo-bsc I could add an example config but I don't know if this makes sense since I have already put an example into the manual. See also: osmo-bsc I8f33ab2cea04b545c403a6fe479aa963a0fc0d0d 
File include/osmocom/mgcp_client/mgcp_client_pool_internal.h: 
PS3, Line 21: thet
> that
File src/libosmo-mgcp-client/mgcp_client.c: 
PS4, Line 799: static int init_socket(struct mgcp_client *mgcp, unsigned int retry_n_ports)
> Adding the retry_n_ports and other slight tweaks to this function seem like a different logical chan […]
File src/libosmo-mgcp-client/mgcp_client_pool.c: 
PS5, Line 43: clien
> client
PS5, Line 56: initalization
> initialization
PS5, Line 153: put an MGCP client back into the pool
> maybe it's just me, but I find this a bit misleading: it sounds like the mgcp client was taken "out  […]
Yes it sounds a bit like that but I do not know how to explain it differently. I have added some more comments to make clear what actually happens - so nobody gets confused. 
PS5, Line 159: 	 *  not belong to a pool at all, the function call will have no effect. */
> this comment describes what the whole function does, so I'd merge it with the function description o […]
I think that is done automatically by doxygen. I have marked the comment with a /*! that should work. 
File src/libosmo-mgcp-client/mgcp_client_vty.c: 
PS5, Line 47: vty->index
> just to be sure, is this intended? I'm wondering if vty->index has type […]
It should be correct. Index is void pointer. See cfg_mgw_cmd, there I am assigning the configuration. 
PS5, Line 50:  \
> \ at the end of the macro looks wrong […]
I have to use this macro in each (common) VTY command to get the pointer to the conf. There are quite a few of them so it reduces some code dup. 
PS5, Line 329:  
> just to be sure: is this extra space on purpose? given that there's already two +1 above for indent_ […]
The extra space is on purpose. I use it to indent the mgw vty settings under the mgw x node by one space. 

The global_mgcp_client_indent_pool should be written only once. I don't really see what you mean but I managed to eliminate the global variable. 
PS5, Line 394: 			pool_member->nr, VTY_NEWLINE);
> (I guess for users it would be useful to have it block (not use it for new calls) and auto-remove th […]
I think it is better if blocking and removing is done consciously. It is also not done very often. 
PS5, Line 410: will drop ongoing calls
> with the check below it won't drop ongoing calls
PS5, Line 531: indent
> shouldn't this be talloc_strdup or something? but even better would be to get rid of the global var  […]
I would normally expect the indent string to be a constant, but who knows where an API user is getting this from.

I had a closer look to the global variables and I have now eliminated as much of them as I could. At the moment this VTY implementation can only manage one pool. This is a limitation, but at the Moment we do not have any application that would benefit from multiple pools. However, I wonder if it would be possible to manage multiple pools but the only way to do it is to use a vty->index that is populated by the VTY of the application. But think that would be too complicated for now.

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