Change in osmo-bts[master]: osmo-bts-trx: implement TRXDv2 protocol support

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Fri Apr 30 16:19:05 UTC 2021

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Change subject: osmo-bts-trx: implement TRXDv2 protocol support

Patch Set 7:

File src/osmo-bts-trx/trx_if.c: 
PS7, Line 987: loop:
> I prefer to use 'goto' here to avoid wrapping large code blocks into { }, and see no problem with us […]
* the indent level here is not deep at all
* the length of the function is the same whether you use a proper loop or a goto

So by all means I am with pespin here.  If you think the code is somehow not reaable enough, then it should be split into smaller functions... 
PS7, Line 1114: 	LOGPPHI(l1h->phy_inst, DTRX, LOGL_DEBUG,
> I am just moving the existing log line, not introducing a new one. […]
I agree it should not be changed if this code just moves it around.

However, I do think there's little point in logging every TRXDF datagram just before a syscall.  There's strace for such debugging, or of course, pcap/wireshark/tcpdump.

For TRXD you will be overwhelmed by the amount of logging anyway in this situation.

So I think it should be removed in a separate patch, but I'm not saying fixeria has to do that just because he works with this code...

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