Change in pysim[master]: Add option to set UE operation mode in EF_AD (Administrative Data)

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Change subject: Add option to set UE operation mode in EF_AD (Administrative Data)

Patch Set 8: Code-Review+1

> I fully agree going the more generic way.
> Nevertheless, I think it is useful to have that option in pySim-prog.
> We use pySim-prog to conveniently batch-(re)program the Sysmocom uSIMs (the green and black ones) according to configuration in CSV files. Thereby we add "NAME" for SPN and "OPMODE" in additional columns.

It would be great to work out some strategy for such batch-reprogramming uses cases basd on the new pySim-shell / infrastructure.  pySim-shell is of course highly scriptable.

Particularly with and its jsonpath support we can now have a very elegant way to modify only certain logical bits/fields in larger binary files.

scripting pySim-shell from external scripts however doesn't currently have any kind of CSV import
or the capability to wait for another card, etc.

If you have any ideas on how this could/should happen, you now have the chance ot shape the implementation.  I haven't really done much planning that way  yet.

> I will rebase the current code for now. Shall we update to use your new code as well?

I don't currently see how you would use the filesystem/pySim-shell code from pySim-prog. not sure what you meant?

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