Change in pysim[master]: Add option to set UE operation mode in EF_AD (Administrative Data)

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Change subject: Add option to set UE operation mode in EF_AD (Administrative Data)

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> Good question. The default value depends on the targeted group that uses this software. […]
The best option today would probably be not to overload pySim-prog with more cryptic command line flags but to support this form pySim-shell, if it's not already supported there.

Preliminary docs:

It looks like already has an AF_AD() class that can do a decode.  All that's missing is the corresponding encode method, and then you should be able to interactively change that file with read_binary_decoded and update_binary_decoded from pySim-shell.

Api docs:

And don't worry about the fall-out. You just hit a long-known problem in our CI system with real sim cards: The need to do proper backup-restore of all cards to have a well-defined initial state ahead of executing a test.  The related functionality has just been added to pySim-shell (the "export" command which creates a script of update_binary / update_record commands which can be executed by pySim-shell itself again.

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