Change in pysim[master]: Add more type annotations

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Change subject: Add more type annotations

Patch Set 2:


Some comments are not related to your change, but rather express my ideas on potential improvements. I could not resist while reading the code. 
File pySim/ 
PS2, Line 31: str
"a string of hex nibbles" - Hexstr? 
PS2, Line 39: str
"a string of hex nibbles" - Hexstr? 
PS2, Line 54: # List of bytes to string
unrelated: this comment is out of sync with the docstring below:

  "List of bytes" vs "list of integers" 
PS2, Line 113: return None
A proper Pythonic approach would be to raise exceptions here... So either it returns something, or it fails. Also unrelated, of course. 
PS2, Line 157: plmn
PS2, Line 166: plmn
PS2, Line 192: fivehexbytes:Hexstr
I still find it odd that we (ab)use strings to represent bytes in a language where we have a special type for that... 
PS2, Line 278: ->int
cosmetic: missing space 
PS2, Line 290: 	if imsi == None:
Your type hint renders this check useless. I would remove it because it's wrong to pass None and expect this function to decode something. Looks like over-defensive programming to me. 
PS2, Line 298: long
PS2, Line 302: 	if imsi == None:
Same here. 
PS2, Line 350: ef_msisdn
PS2, Line 371: return None
I think we should rather 'raise ValueError' here and drop the 'Optional' from the returned value. Mixing a value, None, and exceptions is one of the worst things that I saw... Just an idea for a separate patch. 
PS2, Line 417: st
Hexstr? (not sure here, some magic happens on line 432)

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