Change in osmo-bsc[master]: Ignore CHANnel ReQuireD with Access Delay IE > 63

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Sat Apr 3 00:03:05 UTC 2021

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Change subject: Ignore CHANnel ReQuireD with Access Delay IE > 63

Patch Set 4:

Commit Message: 
PS3, Line 19: Change-Id: Ie8987bcc0e43921bc753162b77a0efc68799b3ce
> Related: OS#5096
File src/osmo-bsc/abis_rsl.c: 
PS3, Line 1530: LOGL_NOTICE
> not sure we want 'notice' on all of these, if this happens quite frequently on some BTSs. […]
Let's meet in the middle at INFO 😊

Most of the other similar logging here are abis_rsl.c is at INFO. I do find that DEBUG can be awfully verbose on a busy BTS, certainly with many facilities of interest at DEBUG is is impossible to actually read anything. I think of DEBUG as only for logging and later analysis, I think this is something I might want to see in real time while watching.

thanks for review! 
File src/osmo-bsc/bsc_vty.c: 
> As far as I can see, this parameter applies immediately, so: […]
Good catch! :) the perils of copy&paste.. And I did even look at that at 3am and say,oh that's ok...
Thanks for review! 
PS3, Line 2755: 	      "rach max-delay <0-127>",
> I think 1-127 or 1-255 is a reasonably permitted range. 0 is indeed odd.

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