Change in osmo-mgw[master]: vty: Allow enabling Osmux

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Tue May 14 09:17:20 UTC 2019

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Change subject: vty: Allow enabling Osmux

Patch Set 1:

> will this commit alone make it work?  If yes, we can merge the
 > patch as-is.  If not (which I suspect), then this patch should
 > either be the very last patch in the series, or it should at least
 > for now still have an "#if 1" -> print error message like now.

Well it makes sense from chronological and development point of view to have this first, since you want to build the new code using the pre-existing logic of enabling it from a VTY cmd, so I first need to enable it to test it. Once the whole set of patches in this patchset is merged (they can be merged together), then Osmux works again, at least for the most common cases I tested.

Since it's quite a lot of work, my plan is to have this patchset merged providing initial support and once merged provide TTCN3 tests on osmo-bsc/osmo-msc/osmo-mgw. Later on features/special cases can be improved, otherwise the amount of patches I need to maintain in my branch is quite big.

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