Change in osmo-trx[master]: add support for xtrx

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Mon May 13 16:27:58 UTC 2019

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Change subject: add support for xtrx

Patch Set 1:


Some comments after quick review.
File Transceiver52M/device/xtrx/XTRXDevice.cpp:
PS1, Line 44: 	LOG(INFO) << "creating XTRX device:"
You should be using category DEV here, not MAIN (see other devices).
PS1, Line 162: 	return NORMAL;
This NORMAL thing here makes no sense in the context of this function afaik.
PS1, Line 167: 	if (device) {
Drop {}
PS1, Line 175: 	if (started) {
Drop {}
PS1, Line 212: 	if (loopback) {
Drop {}
PS1, Line 231: 	if (started) {
early return: if (!started) reutrn false;
PS1, Line 278: 	LOG(NOTICE) << "Setting TX gain to " << dB << " dB.";
PS1, Line 282: 		LOG(ERR) << "Error setting TX gain res: " << res;
LOGCHAN. LOGCHAN everywhere where "chan" is passed as parameter in this file.
PS1, Line 319: 	int res = xtrx_recv_sync_ex(device, &ri);
Looks like we need to add smpl_buf usage in here (see my latest commits merged).
File debian/osmo-trx-xtrx.install:
PS1, Line 3: /usr/bin/osmo-trx-xtrx
why some strt with / and some doesn't? Unify style if possible.
File doc/examples/osmo-trx-xtrx/osmo-trx-xtrx.cfg:
PS1, Line 21:   tx-path BAND1
Are you sure this belongs here? looks copied from LMS file.

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