Change in libosmo-sccp[master]: osmo-stp: refactor handling of both SIGINT and SIGTERM

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Sun May 12 10:15:47 UTC 2019

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Change subject: osmo-stp: refactor handling of both SIGINT and SIGTERM

Patch Set 1: Code-Review-2

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File stp/stp_main.c:
PS1, Line 221: /* Gracefully shut down SIGTRAN links */
             : 	osmo_signal_dispatch(SS_L_GLOBAL, S_L_GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN, NULL);
             : 	sleep(1); /* FIXME: do we really need to sleep() here? */
actually, that won't work.  All our code is running asynchronously from the select main loop.  So if the signal handlers are starting some activitiy that doesn't immediately timeout (e.g. sending an ASP-DOWN to the peer and waiting for the ACK), your sleep here won't help.

If we want to do graceful shutdown, we should
* receive the signal in the handler
* change some state (such as quit++)
* continue in the main loop
* send the signal from the main loop
* give the code some time (e.g. start a timer)
* shut down on timer expiration

If this fails for some reason, a second signal could be used to do quit++ and then cause a hard exit.

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