Change in osmo-msc[master]: large refactoring: support inter-BSC and inter-MSC Handover

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Wed May 8 15:00:16 UTC 2019

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Change subject: large refactoring: support inter-BSC and inter-MSC Handover

Patch Set 9:

File src/libmsc/call_leg.c:
PS9, Line 158: rtps = data;
> > it is to clarify the type of the data argument [...] […]
The way I usually do it is define a local variable that indicates the *data type, and then use it in various switch cases. Here it happens to be only the one case...

Why are we arguing about this? :)
PS9, Line 178: struct call_leg *cl = fi->priv;
> Also same opinion, variable is not needed for that: […]
indeed, it's not type safety, it is merely "type safety".

The way I usually do it is assign fi->priv to a local variable of the correct type and then use it in various places of that function. Here it happens to be only the one, and also happens to be passed as a void*.

Nevertheless I prefer to keep that style consistent across the entire file.
PS9, Line 290: call_leg_ensure_rtp_alloc
> Well, call_leg_rtp_alloc() also would just return 0 if it was already called for a given RTP stream. […]
oh. what was I thinking.
File src/libmsc/gsm_04_08.c:
PS9, Line 156: DEBUGP
> > This is legacy logging, not sure if we really need to change all of it now? […]
And I would rather share the work load :P

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