Change in osmo-msc[master]: large refactoring: support inter-BSC and inter-MSC Handover

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Wed May 8 10:13:38 UTC 2019

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Change subject: large refactoring: support inter-BSC and inter-MSC Handover

Patch Set 18:


Since it was decided to merge this bomb 'as-is', let's move it forward. Please consider my comments as the points for further improvements and follow-up patches, not as merge-blockers.
File src/libmsc/call_leg.c:
PS9, Line 78: talloc_zero
> The talloc API does not provide a macro similar to talloc_zero() that names the struct [...]

Of course it does, see talloc(). talloc_zero() is just a wrapper around talloc() + memset().

> What is the reason for this statement, optimization?

Exactly. I'm not sure if compiler can optimize out such double zero-initialization.
PS9, Line 158: ase CALL_LEG
> it is to clarify the type of the data argument [...]

  osmo_fsm_inst_dispatch(fi->proc.parent, cl->parent_event_rtp_addr_available, (struct rtp_stream *) rtps);
PS9, Line 178: 
Also same opinion, variable is not needed for that:

  osmo_fsm_inst_dispatch(fi->proc.parent, cl->parent_event_rtp_complete, (struct call_leg *) cl);

> prefer to keep for some degree of "type safety"

TBH, I dont't see any "type safety" here. This just indicates the original type of the pointer to code readers.
PS9, Line 290: 
> the critical difference is that it calls call_leg_rtp_alloc() only if it hasn't been called yet on t […]
Well, call_leg_rtp_alloc() also would just return 0 if it was already called for a given RTP stream. I still think that this function should be merged into call_leg_rtp_alloc().
File src/libmsc/gsm_04_08.c:
PS9, Line 156: DEBUGP
> This is legacy logging, not sure if we really need to change all of it now?

You're already changing some DEBUGP / LOGP statements to LOG_MSC_A_CAT() in this patch. I would rather change all of them and don't leave this work to somebody else...

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