Change in gr-gsm[master]: Filter out SoapyAudio devices

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Change subject: Filter out SoapyAudio devices

Filter out SoapyAudio devices

When gr-osmosdr is compiled with SoapySDR support and SoapyAudio is
installed the audio device is picked as a first choice when detecting
devices but grgsm tools are not able to work with audio devices. So in
such cases the user has to always specify the correct SDR device in the
args parameter which is a bit inconvenient.

When args is not specified call osmosdr.device_find to get all devices
and filter out unspported ones like SoapyAudio devices. When args is
specifed just try to create osmosdr.source with whatever value has been

Add -l and --list-devices command line option that prints information
about all detected devices.

Example commands:
  grgsm_capture --list-devices
  grgsm_capture --list-devices --args=nofake
  grgsm_capture --args=uhd,type=b210 -a 111 capture.cfile
  grgsm_livemon --args=rtl
  grgsm_livemon --args=uhd,type=b210

Change-Id: Ib84081041ca6c2bc18b9da0c32bac9d3ecef65ca
M apps/grgsm_livemon.grc
M apps/grgsm_livemon_headless.grc
M apps/grgsm_scanner
M apps/helpers/grgsm_capture
M python/
M python/misc_utils/CMakeLists.txt
A python/misc_utils/
7 files changed, 89 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/12/13812/3
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