Change in osmo-msc[master]: libmsc/sms_queue.c: fix memleak in smsq_take_next_sms()

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Sat Mar 30 08:22:04 UTC 2019

Hello Pau Espin Pedrol, Neels Hofmeyr, Harald Welte, Jenkins Builder, 

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Change subject: libmsc/sms_queue.c: fix memleak in smsq_take_next_sms()

libmsc/sms_queue.c: fix memleak in smsq_take_next_sms()

A memleak has been noticed after executing some of TTCN-3 test
cases. For example, the following ones:

  - MSC_Tests.TC_lu_and_mo_sms,
  - MSC_Tests.TC_lu_and_mt_sms.

The key point is that MSC_Tests.TC_lu_and_mo_sms basically sends
a MO SMS to a non-attached subscriber with MSISDN 12345, so this
message is getting stored in the SMSC's database.

As soon as the SMSC's queue is triggered, sms_submit_pending() would
retrieve pending messages from the database by calling function
smsq_take_next_sms() in loop and attempt to deliver them.

This function in it's turn checks whether the subscriber is attached
or not. If not, the allocated 'gsm_sms' structure would not be
free()ed! Therefore, every time smsq_take_next_sms() is called,
one 'gsm_sms' structure for an unattached subscriber is leaked.

Furthermore, there is a unit test called 'sms_queue_test', that
actually does cover smsq_take_next_sms() and was designed to
catch some potential memory leaks, but...

In order to avoid emulating the low-level SQLite API, the unit
test by design overwrites some functions of libmsc, including
db_sms_get_next_unsent_rr_msisdn(), that is being called by

The problem is that the original function in libmsc does
allocate a 'gsm_sms' structure on heap (using talloc), while
the overwriting function did this statically, returning a
pointer to stack. This critical difference made it impossible
to spot the memleak in smsq_take_next_sms() during the
unit test execution.

Let's refactor 'sms_queue_test' to use dynamic memory allocation,
and finally fix the evil memleak in smsq_take_next_sms().

Change-Id: Iad5e4d84d8d410ea43d5907e9ddf6e5fdb55bc7a
Closes: OS#3860
M src/libmsc/sms_queue.c
M tests/sms_queue/sms_queue_test.c
2 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/50/13450/4
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