Change in libosmo-netif[master]: tests: AM_LDFLAGS = -noinstall for all tests

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Tue Mar 19 10:47:27 UTC 2019

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Change subject: tests: AM_LDFLAGS = -noinstall for all tests

Patch Set 4:

> similar patch for all unit tests in all repositories would be good. thanks

I've started with that, and realized that most other repositories use
noinst_PROGRAMS instead of check_PROGRAMS in test's files.

Reference for both:

I have checked, that noinst_PROGRAMS don't need AM_LDFLAGS = -noinstall.

The benefit of check_PROGRAMS is, that they only get built when "make check" gets executed. So in theory, using check_PROGRAMS together with -no-install seems to be the better choice.

However, replacing noinst_PROGRAMS with check_PROGRAMS in test's across all repositories would be quite some effort (most repositories have subdirs in tests, and even more files in there). So it does not seem like it is worth it to me. (Other opinions?)

I'm working on patches for the repositories with check_PROGRAMS to use -no-install now.

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