Change in libosmo-abis[master]: Add IPA keep-alive FSM implementation

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Fri Mar 8 18:07:49 UTC 2019

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Change subject: Add IPA keep-alive FSM implementation

Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1

File src/input/ipa_keepalive.c:
PS1, Line 132: 	case 1:
would be perhaps nice to have an enum for T 1 and 2, so it's more descriptive: enum ipa_ka_fsm_timer { T_SEND_ANOTHER_PING = 1, T_PONG_NOT_RECEVIED };
PS1, Line 138: 		if (ifp->srv_conn)
Can probably expressed in one line: 
conn = ifp->srv_conn ? : ifp->client_conn;
PS1, Line 213: 	fi = osmo_fsm_inst_alloc(&ipa_keepalive_fsm, ctx, NULL, LOGL_DEBUG, id);
Let's merge both ipa_client and ipa_server into a static function for which you pass void* ctx, then, client or server ones are basically:

fi = the_static_function(client, params,id);
((*ipa_fsm_priv)(fi->priv))->client_conn = client;
return fi;
PS1, Line 263: /*! Start the ping/pong procedure of the IPA Keepalive FSM. */
This comment is wrong.
PS1, Line 270: /*! Stop the ping/pong procedure of the IPA Keepalive FSM. */
typo: Stop should be start.
PS1, Line 277: /*! Inform IPA Keepalive FSM that a PONG has been received. */
So basically the 3 functions comments are swapped. Good job with the mangling ;)

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