Change in osmo-pcu[master]: Use boolean for DL resegmentation parameter

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Change subject: Use boolean for DL resegmentation parameter

Patch Set 1:

> there is no downlink arq type "true" or "false".  While I agree i fthere are only two discrete values you should use a type with only two options, but if those optionsare not something that can be "true" or "false", using bool is just as wrong as using int, isn't it?

I'm not sure I'm following.

In 44.060 §8.1.1 there's 'resegment bit' which could be 0 (type 2 ARQ) or 1 (type 1 ARQ). So it's boolean value. That's also how it's used throughout the code so far.

In general, RLCMAC might operate in non-persistent (MBMS bearer, 43.246) acknowledged (types 1 and 2 above) and unacknowledged (no ARQ) modes according to TS 43.064 § and §

So when would we want to use some 3rd value for dl_arq_type and which spec describes that case? Or, in other words, if we make 'enum dl_arq_type', which would be the values for it besides TYPE1 and TYPE2?

Could you clarify your point with spec reference (if possible) please?

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