Change in libosmocore[master]: add osmo_ip_port API

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Tue Mar 5 22:50:41 UTC 2019

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Change subject: add osmo_ip_port API

Patch Set 4:

File include/osmocom/core/ip_port.h:
PS4, Line 47: osmo_ip_port
> basically this looks like you're reinventing sockaddr_storage which is usually typecast to sockaddr_ […]
- sockaddr stores the port in network byte order, each log line would have to remember to call ntohs().
- we want the IP address string for
  - MGCP messages
  - straightforward logging
- in MGCP the string comes in from MGCP messages, and I want to convert that to in_addr or sockaddr_in in a standardized way.

In the end, a string is a string and a uint16_t is a uint16_t without any special cases about them,
and the sockaddr API is just a lot of clutter around that.

(at first, this implementation had no 'af' indicating AF_INET or AF_INET6, maybe it would be better to drop that and leave it to string interpretation, see osmo_ip_str_type())

I could also actually place this in osmo-mgw.git, as its usefulness is associated with MGCP, and then we'd avoid the ARM architecture nonsense where netinet/in.h isn't known...?
PS4, Line 51: 46
> INET6_ADDRSTRLEN in arpa/inet. […]
I had used that at first, but it causes a dependency on #include <netinet/in.h> which then fails to compile on ARM. 

Then it would be nice to conditionally include that header, but we must not include "config.h" in system-installed header files.

That is the single reason why I am using a magic number.
If you look in the .c file then you'll see there is an osmo_static_assert ensuring the size >= INET6_ADDRSTRLEN

Oh wait, arpa/inet.h you say?

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