Change in osmo-mgw[master]: AMR: Add option to convert between bw-effient and octet aligned mode

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Change subject: AMR: Add option to convert between bw-effient and octet aligned mode

Patch Set 2:

> > what I don't like here is that this implements "blind" change
 > from
 > > one type to another type, on a global scope for the entire MGW.
 > > I'd much rather see this more fine-grained: Only on the
 > AoIP-facing
 > > connections, and only if the BSC actually asks us to. See my
 > other
 > > comment.
 > I see the problem. I will check the specs what we can do here.
 > Maybe we should even be more restrictive and configure at the BSC
 > vty which exact packet format is spoken on the AoIP side. Maybe we
 > can apply this to the HRv1 problem then as well.

There is indeed an SDP specified, which can be used to submit format specific parameters. The SDP string would look like this:

a=fmtp:97 octet-align=1

I think this is how it should be done. osmo-msc should get a VTY option and depending on this option the MGW gets instructed to apply the conversion or not.

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