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Change subject: BTS: add some dynamic power control tests

Patch Set 2:

File bts/BTS_Tests.ttcn: 
PS2, Line 1974: 	pp := valueof(ts_RSL_IE_MS_Power_Parameters('aabbcc'O));
I would consider sending an empty octet string ''O to ensure we're not confusing the receiver.  Sure, at them moment OsmoBTs doesn't implement any parameters, but in the future we might.  Using an empty IE fulfills the requirement of having that element present (and hence enabling BTS-side power control), but at the same time has low risk of breaking something that actually might interpret aabbcc as actual parameters. 
PS2, Line 2028: 
I would avoid the 'rsl' variable here. As RSL.send() can take the send template directly, it also means you save the valueof().  Sure, it's just stylistic, not important... 
PS2, Line 2062: 
              : 	var RSL_IE_MS_Power ms_power;
              : 	ms_power := valueof(ts_RSL_IE_MS_Power(pwr_var));
              : 	var RSL_IE pwr;
              : 	pwr  := valueof(t_RSL_IE(RSL_IE_MS_POWER, RSL_IE_Body:{ms_power := ms_power}));
again here I'd typically try to avoid the local variables, as they force you to do valueof() all the time, which sort of makes templates less nice to use.  The alternative if you want the local variables would be to define them as template variables, so 'var template RSL_IE_MS_Power ms_power := ts_RSL_IE_MS_Power(pwr_var);' would do the trick, maybe even var template (value) ... 
PS2, Line 2165: 	if((band == "GSM450")
if if were a function, one wouldn't have spaces before the parenthesis :P 
PS2, Line 2166: 	or (band == "GSM480")
I would typically have used a select/case construct here, not having to repeat "band ==" in every line.  The nice part about the select/case in TTCN3 is that every "case" is a template match.  So you can define a charstring template matching all those bands that equal in their treatment and then have a single line. case (t_my_bands) { ... }

But once again, just a stylistic comment, no absolute need to change the code. 
PS2, Line 2264: 
unrelated whitespace

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