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Change subject: Handle SIP re-INVITEs

Patch Set 3:

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File src/sip.c: 
PS3, Line 183: 		// TODO: Tell osmo-bts to stop sending RTP ?
> you mean tell osmo-msc to tell osmo-bsc to tell osmo-bts to stop sending rtp? is such in the specs?
This is a good question. don't sigh.. but I was testing this against nitb, and it works. freeswitch has a "bypass_media_after_bridge" option which means it takes itself out of the media path after the call is answered.

I have this working by sending further MNCC_RTP_CONNECT to nitb in response to the re-INVITES. so now I can take freeswitch in and out of the media path at will during the call. When it's out of the path, RTP flows only on lo in the BTS. I know this should be handled by osmo-mgw etc.. but it would be of use to me in the meantime.

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