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Change subject: vty/vty.c: log received commands from telnet interface

Patch Set 3:

I think this is a good idea, but causes unit tests to get unexpected log output.
Also it changes the application's user interaction behavior just by using a different libosmocore version, which we should avoid.

I think you need to solve this by adding a flag that keeps VTY command logging disabled by default, so that all the unit tests that work with both VTY and log output remain unchanged and keep passing.

This could either be a boolean flag that the main() scope of each application sets to true in C,
and/or this could be set to true by an actual vty config item.

An example for such a flag would be osmo_fsm_term_safely(), e.g. set to true in msc_main.c, but off by default to not cause inadvertent behavioral changes from a new libosmocore version.

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