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Change subject: configuration.adoc: Small fixes

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File doc/manuals/chapters/configuration.adoc: 
PS1, Line 20: an
> https://english.stackexchange. […]
I checked this when writing my diploma thesis and it's about the sound of the word before the article.
So a source, an uninformed source, a uniformed (j-sound) source should all be correct as should an hour (h is silent). That's why I changed it to an EM-ES, but left a PEE-DEE-PEE context alone.

It seems that historic and hotel are exceptions - at least according to Merriam-Webster. 
PS1, Line 255: in
             : order to save radio bandwith
> I would remove this part, because it duplicates the first sentence.
PS1, Line 293: again
> Again?
Well, it's disabled by default, so this command only has an effect if compression was previously enabled. Can you think of a different way to say it or do you think it's unnecessary?

On further though I guess it's unnecessary. Removed it. 
PS1, Line 337: again
> Again?

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