Change in[master]: Add control channels demappers tests

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Mon Jul 29 19:00:54 UTC 2019

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Change subject: Add control channels demappers tests

Patch Set 2:

File python/ 
PS1, Line 6:  
> ws
PS1, Line 142: b[  0], b[  1], b[  2], b[  3],
> Any benefits of having such sequential notation? […]
I like the test to be more explicit and probably I've copy-pasted it from one of the other tests 😊

I've change it to 

   self.assertEqual(b, list(dst.get_burst_data()))

which is one line and in case of a failure the assertEqual prints all bursts that are different and not only the first different burst as in the for loop variant. 
PS1, Line 172: assertEqual
> Same here, and even simpler.
PS1, Line 203: assertEqual
> Same here.
File python/ 
PS1, Line 24: bursts
> This list can also be generated using a for loop.
PS1, Line 150: timeslots
> Same here, just [0] * X, where X == len(timeslots).

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