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Change subject: Transceiver: Get rid of SoftVector in struct trx_ul_burst_ind

Patch Set 1:

> Patch Set 1:
> > I'm not quite sure this (like many other patches here) are a big improvement [...]
> ACK. This change looks more like getting rid of C++ code and rewriting to C. What are the benefits?

The idea is to slowly get rid of lots of boilerplate classes and code which are not really useful since we already have libosmocore counterparts, shrinking and cleaning up osmo-trx code base. It also makes it easier for people used to osmocom code to understand, contribute and maintain the code, lowering the entry barrier. I usually find myself losing time trying having to go through all those classes to understand a small snippet of code, and end up seeing there's not real point in using them, and those contain lots of death code anyway.
After these changes I find all this related code far easier to understand and improve than it was before.

By cleaning up the code it was visible for instance that normalization procedure was applied to guard periods which are not really used from that point onwards. By using C++ classes in low level code I ended up having to use silly for loops in some places a long time ago instead of using memcpy, etc.

So as the guy who's usually investing efforts in fixing stuff and adding new features to osmo-trx, I really see the benefits on the long run.

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