Change in ...osmo-sgsn[master]: Split enum gprs_pmm_state into Iu and Gb counterparts

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Thu Aug 29 23:08:08 UTC 2019

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Change subject: Split enum gprs_pmm_state into Iu and Gb counterparts

Patch Set 1: Code-Review-1


I like this change, but CR-1 because of two potential copy-paste mistakes. 
File include/osmocom/sgsn/gprs_sgsn.h: 
PS1, Line 43: PMM_
Any reason why it needs to be prefixed with 'PMM_', and not with 'MM_'? What is the meaning of 'P' here? Maybe we should rather use 'MM_GB_ST_' and 'MM_IU_ST_' prefixes for both enums? This naming would help to avoid confusion. 
File src/gprs/gprs_gmm.c: 
PS1, Line 113: MM_IDLE
Looks like a copy-paste error to me, as 'gprs_mm_state_iu' enum defines different states (than 'gprs_mm_state_gb'). 
PS1, Line 181: mmctx_set_pmm_state
Same problem with naming, maybe we should also use '_iu_' / '_gb_' prefixes here? 
PS1, Line 199: case PMM_DETACHED:
This change looks unrelated, but in general I am not against it. 
PS1, Line 206: mmctx_set_mm_state
PS1, Line 215: gprs_mm_state_iu_names
Looks like a mistake to me. 
File src/gprs/gprs_sgsn.c: 
PS1, Line 230: 	ctx->gb.mm_state = MM_IDLE;
Please keep the same order, it was after the 'ctx->gmm_state' assignment. 
PS1, Line 265: 	ctx->iu.mm_state = PMM_DETACHED;

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