Change in ...osmo-mgw[master]: mgcp_codec: split codec_free() off of codec_init()

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Change subject: mgcp_codec: split codec_free() off of codec_init()

Patch Set 2:

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File src/libosmo-mgcp/mgcp_codec.c: 
PS2, Line 252: 	conn->end.codecs_assigned++;
> Is the some scenario where we shrink the list and this counter is decreased? It's only set to 0 upon […]
There would be a theoretical scenario where codec negotiation ends up changing / decreasing the set of permitted codecs.

In code there should be a place that completely clears the codecs somewhere, IIRC when it starts parsing the SDP, which might come in any number of times (MDCX) on a given conn.
It is cleared also when the conn gets deallocated (DLCX).

This is preparation to fix a memory leak that keeps cleared entries in memory until the conn gets deallocated.

So any number of MDCXes might clear the list and read new entries, and the talloc ctx being the conn still keeps the audio names of the cleared entries until the conn gets DLCXed)

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