Change in ...osmo-sip-connector[master]: Add further logging.

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Change subject: Add further logging.

Patch Set 7:

File src/mncc.c: 
PS1, Line 191: 	struct in_addr net = { .s_addr = other->ip };
> Yes, mncc.ip is in host byte order, if that's the correct terminology. certainly, using mncc. […]
Well, according to existing code [mncc.ip = htonl(other->ip)], other->ip is host byte order, and mncc.ip is network byte order. And afar the struct in_addr net expects to have content in net byte order.

So if I'm not wrong, either use "struct in_addr net = { .s_addr = mncc.ip };" or function above should be ntohl() instead of htonl(). 
PS1, Line 192: 	LOGP(DMNCC, LOGL_DEBUG, "SEND rtp_connect: IP=(%s) PORT=(%u)\n", inet_ntoa(net), mncc.port);
> There are other places in the code that use inet_ntoa() […]
Having inet_ntoa already in some places in code doesn't mean we should keep adding references to it. Using inet_ntop() doesn't imply a big change, it's mostly declaring a local buffer in the stack + using the new function, so let's use proper functions before merging since it's not a lot of extra hassle.

man inet_ntop: "inet_ntop() extends the inet_ntoa(3) function to support multiple address families, inet_ntoa(3) is now considered to  be  deprecated  in  favor  of inet_ntop()."

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