Change in libosmocore[master]: Add expect script: 'vty' for easy access to all vtys

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Change subject: Add expect script: 'vty' for easy access to all vtys

Patch Set 1:

> The more "canonical" way for the port numbers part is of course to
 > add them to /etc/services 

Right. This is meant to be non system-intrusive.

 > Another approach would be to write a NSS module (see
Sounds great. I don't think I am going to turn this patch into that though. This (at least for my part) is going to remain a scripting based helper solution for now. My idea is this is a highly customisable script and you change it yourself to your [current] needs in terms of desired logging messages from each program.

What I do intend to do is create "sets" using tmux or suchlike, so one command 
./vty data for example
would give you a four way split, say ggsn, sgsn, bts, pcu.

 > Yet another approach is to use to
 > create an osmocom-extended telnet client program which would have
 > capabilities specific to the osmcoom vty, 

and tab completion + persistent readline/history capability, as was discussed some other place/time IIRC. :)

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