Change in libosmocore[master]: Add expect script: 'vty' for easy access to all vtys

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Change subject: Add expect script: 'vty' for easy access to all vtys

Patch Set 1:

The more "canonical" way for the port numbers part is of course to add them to /etc/services so that you can do something like "telnet localhost osmo-msc".  I used to do that.  However,adding records to that file during package installation isn't very elegant, and there is no /etc/services.d or something along those lines.

Another approach would be to write a NSS module (see which would either have a compiled-in list of service name/port mappings, or (even better) parse the /etc/osmocom/osmo*.cfg files to create those mappings from the config files. In that case you would automatically get aliases for the port numbers that you configured.

Yet another approach is to use to create an osmocom-extended telnet client program which would have capabilities specific to the osmcoom vty, including finding the port numbers from the config files (or compiled-in defaults) and issue the VTY commands for logging, etc. using some local commands, maybe prefixed by @.

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