Change in osmo-bts[master]: common/rsl.c: fix unaligned pointers in rsl_add_rtp_stats()

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Wed Apr 24 07:47:17 UTC 2019

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Change subject: common/rsl.c: fix unaligned pointers in rsl_add_rtp_stats()

Patch Set 1:

I actually think this is bogus. We are not type-casting uint32_t values (or structs containing uint32_t) to random locations in memory.  Rather, we are puting a struct if uint32_t on the stack and then passing pointers to members of it.  I would have assumed that the compiler puts the structure on the stack in a way that the uint32_t are properly aligned.

After all, if you had all those uint32_t individually on the stack, you would also expect they're all 32bit aligned and you could use them as uint32_t.

Maybe it's the __attribute((packed)) which is putting clang off?  It's not really needed here, as all (I hope at least) architectures are putting two uint32_t next to each other in a struct, without any padding.  Maybe there were any early "true" 64bit architectures like ppc64 or itanium or sparc65 that would align them on 64bit boundaries, but I somehow doubt it.

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