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Change subject: WIP: documentation for subscribers create on demand

WIP: documentation for subscribers create on demand

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 |ms_purged_ps|1|3GPP TS 23.008 chapter 2.7.6
+=== Configuring the Subscribers Create on Demand Feature
+Usually a HLR will only allow devices on the network, which are already in the
+HLR database. But OsmoHLR can also be configured to automatically create new
+entries for new devices, with the subscribers-create-on-demand VTY option.
+After a subscriber has been added automatically, it will get disconnected from
+the network. The operator needs to assign a MSISDN and enable PS/CS NAM, before
+the subscriber can actually use the network.
+Oftentimes it is hard to know which IMSI belongs to which person, but the IMEI
+is readily available. With a few more configuration options, it is possible to
+extend the subscriber on demand entries with the respective IMEIs: store-imei
+and lu-ignore-nam-cs. You must also enable IMEI checking in the MSC, for OsmoMSC
+this can be done with the check-imei-rqd VTY option.

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