Change in osmo-ggsn[master]: ggsn: Add minimalistic PAP support

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Thu Apr 11 19:57:42 UTC 2019

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Change subject: ggsn: Add minimalistic PAP support

Patch Set 3: Code-Review-1


-1 because it should be ntohs.
Commit Message:
PS3, Line 12: all, without actually checking any credentials database.
So the MS is expected to send inside PAP the values you configure your APN with? (the User+Password fields in the APN menu of android phones).
File ggsn/ggsn.c:
PS3, Line 511: "Welcome to OsmoGGSN"
> btw, I think this will be an easy way to figure out remotely if somebody is using OsmoGGSN or not: S […]
If it was AGPL then it'd be funny answering that in osmo-sgsn with a message "go free you code!" and a copy of the license ;)
PS3, Line 518: 	unsigned int pap_welcome_len = strlen(pap_welcome);
"ARRAY_SIZE(pap_welcome) -1" would make sense too :)
PS3, Line 519: 	uint8_t pap_out_size = sizeof(struct pap_element) + 1 + pap_welcome_len;
Is that +1 for the NULL chat of pap_welcome? please add comment (and add +1 to the end).
PS3, Line 520: 	struct pap_element *pap_out = alloca(pap_out_size);
nice, didn't know about alloca()
PS3, Line 526: 	if (htons(pap_in->len) > pco_in->length)
is htons() fine alignment-access wise?
And actually it should be ntohs.
PS3, Line 531: 		peer_id_len = pap_in->data[0];
I think you are not covering case sizeof(*pap_in) == ntohs(pap_in->len), that is, pap_in->data is empty. In that case you shoul avoid accessing pap_in->data and returning broken.

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