Change in osmo-hlr[master]: USSD: save MO USSD's originating MSC's vlr_number

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Tue Apr 9 11:01:29 UTC 2019

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Change subject: USSD: save MO USSD's originating MSC's vlr_number

Patch Set 10:

File src/gsup_router.c:
PS10, Line 50: gsup_route_find_by_conn
> Doxygen comment is missing.
File src/hlr_ussd.c:
PS10, Line 566: LOGPSS(ss, LOGL_DEBUG, "Destination IPA name retrieved from GSUP route: %s\n",
              : 					       osmo_quote_str((const char *)ss->vlr_number, ss->vlr_number_len));
> Did you check if TTCN-3 test cases pass after this change? […]
Neels also pointed this out and I thought it was only needed for USSD. But you are right, it is needed for the unstructured SS too, or else the TTCN3 test will fail. This is fixed in patchset 11. Also all TTCN3 tests pass there again.

Regarding TTCN3, it would have been better if I also checked the previous patch that has been merged to master [1], because this one causes several failures. Probably because vlr_number is not set in the testdb that osmo-hlr is running with, and since MSC-00... isn't hardcoded anymore, it doesn't know where to send the messages :\


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