Change in osmo-hlr[master]: USSD: fix routing to multiple MSC

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Change subject: USSD: fix routing to multiple MSC

Patch Set 6:


Thanks for the reviews, here's the next version.
File src/hlr_ussd.c:
PS5, Line 175: 
> let's take this ss->subscr from the top. […]
Updated the patch to have ss->vlr_number, and look it up once if it is empty (like the MT USSD case you have described). The timer is dropped again.

The MO USSD case depends on the libosmocore.git MSC HO GSUP messages patch (needs gsup->source_name), so I've kept it as follow up patch here:

(I've used vlr_number instead of vlr_name, because it is also called vlr_number in hlr_subscriber->vlr_number, and so we don't introduce yet another name for the same thing.)
PS5, Line 251: OGP(DLGSUP, LOG
> thx
PS5, Line 260: 
> same here.
PS5, Line 263: 
> (ack, I have no good idea about naming here)
Changed to "SS/USSD".
PS5, Line 343: 		ss_tx_error(ss, true, GSM0480_ERR_CODE_SYSTEM_FAILURE);
> (setting ss->subscr to point at local struct subscr becomes invalid memory as soon as the function e […]
Now I get it - it worked in your patch (#4), because you had set it to NULL afterwards. Thanks for explaining.

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