Change in libosmocore[master]: fsm: support graceful osmo_fsm_inst_term() cascades

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Change subject: fsm: support graceful osmo_fsm_inst_term() cascades

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PS4, Line 33: Note: at least osmo-msc's msc_vlr_tests' expected output needs to be adjusted
            : after merging this, because of logging changes for FSM deallocations
> The main cause is that the order of deallocation changes. […]
and actually also, what was a simple "Deallocated" logging before, may now become "Listing for deallocation with [other FSM inst id]", and there is s/"Terminating"/"Terminating in cascade".

I think it is only mildly bad, the bad thing rather that this deallocation logging is in that osmo-msc test output in the first place. We've had a number of occasions where something affected that test output and adjusted it.

But since I want to log state transitions, I also have to include deallocation logging, no way around it in the current FSM instance log category and level scheme (besides grepping output maybe)

I have also considered a number of times to detach those tests from osmo-msc.git, or even lose them entirely; because they continuously introduce a bit of work like this on and off, and considerably blow up the git diffs, and also you don't like them ;) ... But in my reckoning the benefits still outweigh the drawbacks: it is often quite useful to track exactly how the logging in osmo-msc changes, which the ttcn3 tests don't (and can't) provide, and the fake time that ttcn3 can't provide makes for an ultra short dev cycle when hunting bugs. Minuses are complex hacks to make them work in a dry-run way, blown up git diffs, test failures from trivial logging changes. Am open to discussion there.

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