Change in osmo-msc[master]: MT-forwardSM Message Reference fix.

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Change subject: MT-forwardSM Message Reference fix.

Patch Set 1:

> there is still a risk of collision: imagine SMSC initiating a MT SMS with e.g. 0xde, and at the same time the same subscriber initiates MO SMS with 0xde! This would result in an unexpected behaviour as on the SMSC's side, as on the subscriber's side.

Hmm. Would it? I don't see how it affects the subscriber's side as the Message References between the subscriber and MSC are sort of private and allocated only by MSC. And the GSUP-server side should be responsible for mapping invokeIds (if it uses MAP) with message references then, right? I mean if message references for MO and MT coincide, then there is still a way to differentiate between them because GSUP messages are different for MOs and MTs. What do you think? I don't see yet what other resolution there could be...

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