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Change subject: gerrit-verifications/master-builds: with_manuals

Patch Set 2:

File jobs/gerrit-verifications.yml:
PS2, Line 97:             (FIRMWARE_VERSION == "femtobts_v2.7" && BTS_MODEL == "sysmo" && with_manuals == True) ||
> why building thm here instead of "master" version?
I had this first:
  (FIRMWARE_VERSION == "master" && with_manuals == True)

But then I've realized that the missing BTS_MODEL means: build this with FIRMWARE_VERSION == "master" for *every* BTS_MODEL. Here's a nice visualization:

I've moved it to this line, so the manuals really only get built once.
PS2, Line 177:             (with_vty == "False" && with_dsp == "none" && FIRMWARE_VERSION=="master" && with_manuals == False) ||
> I'd also enable it here instead of the sysmo one.
PS2, Line 190:             (IU == "--enable-iu" && with_manuals == True) ||
> Since enable iu takes more time, probably makes sense to enable document build in disable-iu instead […]
File jobs/master-builds.yml:
PS2, Line 206:           cmd: GTP="$GTP" ./contrib/ --publish
> Shouldn't publish be called conditionally based on with_manuals? see GTP="$GTP" as example. […]
I think the
is redundant here, the variable should automatically be set as environment variable. But I've missed adjusting the docker lines, they will need to get the new with_manuals environment variable passed through. I'll fix this.

I'd rather use with_manuals than MANUALS, so we could extend it with building man pages later (see commit message).

To answer your question, I don't see a nice way of implementing this. We could do it like that, but it really gets ugly when we would need to duplicate the whole docker line.

  cmd: |
    if [ "$with_manuals" = "True" ]; then
      ./contrib/ --publish

Instead I would implement logic in contrib/, so it only publishes the manuals when both with_manuals is True and --publish is set. For example:

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