Change in osmo-bsc[master]: paging: Add VTY options to calculate T3113 timeout dynamically

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Thu Nov 22 18:09:18 UTC 2018

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Change subject: paging: Add VTY options to calculate T3113 timeout dynamically

paging: Add VTY options to calculate T3113 timeout dynamically

The idea is to have a base static value which is set like before "timer
t3113 [seconds]", but now have a part of this timeout calculated
dynamically based on BTS channel configuration and channel load.

This patch only implements initial support to calculate based on channel
configuration, but doesn't include code to calculate based on channel
load. To implement the later part, we probably need to keep track of BTS
paging queues per paging group, which we don't do nowadays.

Dynamic calculation is enabled by default, and default static base value
is decreased accordingly. This way, in a typical setup were the default
10 seconds were used, now the calculated final value is 11 seconds.
That's intended because it was observed experimentally in osmo-gsm-tester with
a similar channel setup that sometimes paging response can arrive slightly
later than 10 seconds.

Related: OS#3680
Change-Id: I4fb2969b690151415038631fb6ad059aa6835c7f
M include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h
M include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_timers.h
M src/osmo-bsc/bsc_vty.c
M src/osmo-bsc/gsm_data.c
M src/osmo-bsc/gsm_timers_vty.c
M src/osmo-bsc/net_init.c
M src/osmo-bsc/paging.c
7 files changed, 81 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/54/11654/4
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