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Change subject: chapters/gsup.adoc: document MO-/MT-forwardSM messages

Patch Set 2:


Let me state again that this documentation is fine as it is. I have quite detailed opinions on documentation, and it's intended to provide ideas (not so much criticism), and shouldn't be a blocker if others think it's fine.

There are two(?) places where the reference to a section number isn't clear, that's the only reason why I -1.
File common/chapters/gsup.adoc:
PS2, Line 507: ==== MO-forwardSM Request
> Well, this mix is not my invention. I am also not a big fun of such style. […]
if Wireshark are the only ones using this naming, then that's not a reason to take it in here. If it were etsi specs that would be different.
PS2, Line 509: Direction: SGSN / MSC => ESME (through VLR and HLR)
> It isn't able yet, but there should be an issue about that. […]
yes, not important. (yet ever so slightly confusing the status quo)
PS2, Line 522: This message is used to forward _MO (Mobile Originated)_ short messages
> Actually, there is some magic happening between "When a subscriber […]
yes, it is absolutely possible to understand, I just found myself reading the sentence was hard with all the interleaves, i.e. the braces like "(PS domain)", "(External...)", "(defined...)", so I would like to have a plain readable sentence first, and then more information separately, if it's required.
PS2, Line 528: attempt and _RP-SMMA_ notification attempt on the _SM-RL (Relay Layer)_.
> > "attempt" sounds like it fails […]
agree (actually none of my remarks are critical)
PS2, Line 532: Direction: ESME (through VLR and HLR) => SGSN / MSC
> No need to reverse, this is correct. […]
I meant the order in the braces. As it is now I read that the ESME sends to the VLR and then to the HLR. So I'd favor:

  ESME (through HLR and VLR) -> MSC
PS2, Line 545: short message delivery from SGSN (PS domain) / MSC (CS domain) to an ESME
> "... from SGSN (PS domain) / MSC (CS domain) to an ESME ..." […]
It would help to put 'an earlier' in there:

  This message is used to indicate a negative result of an earlier
  MO short message delivery

well ... and I still think an "MO message delivery" is clear and no need to explain its direction again.
PS2, Line 1094: Relay Layer)_ has an unique _message reference (see 8.2.3)_, that
> > 8.2.3 in this document? then use a <<foo>> link. 8.2.3 in 04.11? […]
To unclutter and remove uncertainties, I'd still rather have each reference in one place and complete, instead of spreading them with words in-between.

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