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Change subject: BSC_Tests: expect a HANDOVER PERFORMED message on internal handover

Patch Set 3:

let's see...

OK you're right. The spec says that during Assignment we send no HANDOVER PERFORMED message (duh!), but even during a handover within the same cell (not even changing the BTS), we actually *do* send a HANDOVER PERFORMED message:

48.008 (Assignment / success)

"If an intra-BSS cell change has
occurred during the assignment, the new cell identity is included in the ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE message and a
HANDOVER PERFORMED message is not required."

3.1.6 Internal Intra-Cell Handover Procedure
and same at
3.1.7 Internal Inter-Cell Handover Procedure

Internal {intra,inter}-cell handover [...] is decided and executed autonomously by the
BSS, so that no message is generated at the BSS-MSC interface, until the completion of the handover execution, when
the BSS sends a HANDOVER PERFORMED message over the SCCP and terrestrial resources that are presently
assigned to that call. Changes in type of resources (for instance channel rate change, speech version change, ciphering
algorithm change) are indicated in the HANDOVER PERFORMED message.

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